The Staff Behind

All Roof Solutions Residential Division


Roger Morlan

Bev Chalmers.jpg

Beverly Chalmers
Business Operations Management

Melissa Simmons.jpg

Melissa Simmons
Residential Production Manager

Jennifer Faucher.jpg

Jennifer Faucher
Accounting Manager

Carley Hoffman.jpg

Carley Hoffman
Accounting Specialist

Alex Murphy.jpg

Alex Murphy
Project Manager

Brandon Gambrell.jpg

Brandon Gambrell

Eric Hinton.jpg
Meredith Ramey.jpg

Meredith Ramey
Accounting/Data Entry Assistant

Sophia Braverman.jpg

Sophia Braverman
Residential Production Assistant

Penny Miltiades.jpg

Penny Miltiades

Natasha Koutnik - Marketing Manger - All Roof and All Restoration.jpg

Natasha Koutnik
Marketing Manager

Jeff Patterson.jpg

Jeff Patterson
Sales/Project Manager